One of the most exquisite waterfront dining restaurants in Perth

The site Barchetta now stands on has been serving refreshments to the locals and tourists for almost 50 years. First as a kiosk where children could get icecreams and beach-goers cold drinks and snacks. It then evolved into the North Cott Café and was "the" place for a delicious waterfront breakfast in Perth. It became Barchetta in 2002 and now has a flourishing food, wine and coffee trade lasting from dawn till dusk. The philosophy is fresh food, served simply with a Mediterranean theme, where everyone is welcome to come dressed in bathers straight from the beach or in best dress. From beachside breakfast, lunch and dining we have all important meals of the day covered, but what Barchetta is best known for is offering one of the most exquisite sunset dining experiences on Cottesloe beach.

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Barchetta Summer Menu
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Barchetta Summer Menu

(Partial menu below. Click here to download the full Summer Menu)


Breakfast served until 11.15am

Muffins $5.00

Scones with jam and cream $6.00

Toast $7.00

Barretts Fruit Loaf $10.00

Bircher Muesli $14.00

Free-range Eggs on Toast $14.50
add bacon or mushrooms $17.00

Something Simple $15.00

Gluten Free Pancakes $20.00

Mushrooms and Goats Cheese $19.00

Sweetcorn, Capsicum and Coriander Fritters $24.00

Barchetta Classic Benedict $24.00
veg option $20.00

Eggs Benedict with Spinach $18.00
                        with Ham $20.00
                        with Smoked Salmon $25.00

Breakfast Frittata $20.00

Crab and Spinach Omelette $24.00

Big Boaties Breakfast $25.00

Big Boaties Vego $23.00


Bar Menu served 12pm - 5pm

Steak Panini $26.00

Herb Blini $27.00

Croque Monsieur $26.00

Cotoletta alla Milanese $34.00


Lighter Bites served 12pm - 5pm

3 Cheese Quesadilla $19.00

Soup and Sandwich $19.00

Shark Bay Crab Cakes $25.00

Pork Belly and Spiced Apple Sandwich $22.00



Panzanella Salad $23.00
with grilled chicken $28.00
with smoked salmon $29.00

Squid Salad $26.00

Pear, Parmesan and Hazelnut Salad $23.00

Roasted Lamb Salad  $26.00



Confit Duck Potato $10.00

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables $14.00

Rosemary Salted Frites $10.00

Herb Green Salad $12.00

Bocconcini, Roma Tomato & Basil with
EVOO and Balsamic Glaze $12.00




Bread and Appetizers

House Olives $7.00

Bread, Oil and Dukkah $10.00

Tomato Bruschetta $17.00

Seared Scallops $24.00

Duck Liver Parfait $16.00


Lemon Peppered Baby Calamari $23.00

 Trio of Sausages $19.00

 Tiger Prawns $25.00

House made Arancini balls $19.00

  Tasting Plate $29.00


Seafood and Grill

Whiting Fillets $38.00

Crispy Skin Salmon Fillet $38.00

Market Fish MP

Grilled Black Angus Rump $38.00

Crispy Skin Duck Breast $38.00

  Grilled Kangaroo Fillet $38.00

Pork Belly Crisped $36.00


Pasta, Gnocchi

Spaghettini $34.00

  Ricotta Gnocchi $32.00

Risoni $34.00

Tagliatelle Gamberi Amatriciana $34.00

Polenta Gnocchi $29.00


Wood-Fired Oven Pizza

Garlic Pizza Bread $10.00

Barchetta Bianca $12.00

Margherita $19.00
add Rocket and Prosciutto $24.00

Wild Mushroom $25.00

Italian $26.00

Marinara $27.00

Puttanesca $23.00

  Lamb $26.00

Broccoli $23.00

Chicken $26.00

Beef $26.00

Prosciutto $26.00






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