Mediterranean Cuisine at the Finest of Restaurants in Cottesloe

Treat yourself each and every day at one of the finest restaurants in Cottesloe – let us showcase the very finest in simple Mediterranean cuisine, upon a stunning beachfront setting. The site upon which Barchetta stands has been serving folk for the past fifty years. Locals and tourists would flock to our charming spot on Marine Parade for ice cream, refreshments, cold drinks and tasty snacks. Then, after a decade or so, the space evolved into the North Cott Café – the place to go for a hearty waterfront breakfast in Cottesloe. In 2002, Barchetta was born, to serve the hungry public with fresh, simple food, coffee and wine from dawn until dusk.

Exquisite options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We present a carefully curated menu of dishes, all of which have taken direct inspiration from the setting with which we are surrounded. Our talented chefs take pride in every item they prepare, and pay close attention to the finer details – we are proud to be one of the most popular restaurants in North Cottesloe. Whatever the time of day, or whatever the occasion – we’ve got it covered. We have a dedicated children’s menu, menus inspired by the winter and summer months, as well as a three course set menu for those finer affairs. Thirsty? We also showcase some of the most artfully crafted cocktails in North Cottesloe, and an impressive selection of local and international wines. What do we serve? Our philosophy is fresh food, served simply with a Mediterranean theme. Our atmosphere? We welcome guests dressed in their bathers, and their finest frock – Barchetta enjoys a relaxed vibe throughout the day.

Enquire today!

Whether it’s a beachside lunch, a dinner date with that special someone, or you’re craving the finest breakfast in Cottesloe, Barchetta can provide. We would love to welcome you for breakfast, lunch and dinner at our beautiful beachfront restaurant. Enquire today, and enjoy one of the most spectacular sunset dining experiences in Perth – call Steve or Sally on 9385 2411 to discuss the ways in which we can accommodate you and your party. Or, just drop in! Our arms are always open.

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Childrens Menu
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Barchetta Winter Menu

(Partial menu below. Click here to download the full Winter Menu).


Breakfast served until 11.15am

Muffins $5.00

Scones $6.00
served with jam and cream

Toast $7.00
with your choice of preserves from the condiments table
ciabatta, sourdough, 7 Seeds or gluten free 

Barretts Fruit Loaf $10.00
dense and packed with dried fruit and nuts 

Bircher Muesli $15.00
pistachio, rhubarb and pear compote, yoghurt, coconut chips

Free-range Eggs on Toast $14.50
poached, scrambled or fried with roasted roma tomato and spinach
add bacon or mushrooms $17.00

Something Simple $15.00
vine ripened tomato, avocado on toasted grain bagel, lemon infused olive oil
add feta $18.00

Ricotta Pancakes $19.00
chocolate honeycomb butter, vanilla poached oranges, double cream

Toasted Rye Reuben Bagel $21.00
pastrami, aioli, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, roquette, beetroot and mustard relish

Banana and Walnut Loaf $19.00
espresso mascarpone, mixed berries, pistachio praline

Ouzo Cured Salmon $24.00
poached egg, potato and zucchini fritters, horseradish cream, beetroot jelly

Poached Egg with Smoked Hummus Dukkah $19.00
ciabatta toast, danish feta, roquette, truffle oil

Pulled Ham Hock & Home-made Baked Beans $24.00
poached egg, herb and cheese cornbread, chorizo, roquette

Barchetta Classic $24.00
poached eggs, mushroom, tomato and bacon
served on ciabatta toast with hollandaise and pesto
veg option $20.00

Eggs Benedict
poached eggs with hollandaise served on ciabatta
with Spinach $18.00
with Ham $20.00
with Smoked Salmon $26.00

Smoked Ocean Trout Omelette $26.00
asparagus, crème fraiche, chives, manchego, salmon roe, ciabatta

Big Boaties Breakfast $25.00
free-range eggs (poached, scrambled or fried), bacon,
pork and fennel sausage, hash browns, roasted roma tomato,
baby spinach, roasted garlic field mushroom served with toast 

Big Boaties Vego $24.00
free-range eggs (poached, scrambled or fried), potato and zucchini fritter,
roasted garlic field mushroom, roasted roma tomato, house made baked beans,
hash browns, baby spinach served with toast


Lunch Menu served 12.00pm-5.00pm

Beef Burger $25.00
served with provolone, zucchini pickle and
sugo served in a roll, with rosemary salted chips

Pork Schnitzel $25.00
German pork schnitzel, served with spaetzle pasta, gravy and leaf salad

Ocean Trout Rye Bagel $23.00
cream cheese, red onion, capers, lemon salsa verde served with leaf salad

Local Sardines on Toasted Ciabatta $24.00
chilli, lime, coriander and tomato salsa

Grilled, Roasted, Braised

Whiting Fillets $38.00
pecorino panko crumbed fillets with rosemary salted chips,
roquette, pear and parmesan salad and dill aioli

Market Fish $MP
ask your waiter how our fish of the day is served

Rolled Pork Belly $38.00
apricot, macadamia stuffing, truffled cauliflower puree,
kumera, pancetta with brussel sprouts and orange jus g/f

300g Scotch Fillet $42.00
spanish lentil stew, garlic salted potato crisps,
broad beans and jus g/f

Braised Lamb Neck $38.00
braised red cabbage and cranberry, vol-au-vent, roasted pumpkin puree,
kale chips, pomegranate molasses jus

Crispy Skin Barramundi $42.00
prawn, proscuttio, pea risotto cake, broccolini, dill creamed corn g/f  



Truffled mash potato $10.00

Steamed seasonal vegetables $14.00

Rosemary salted chips $10.00

Roquette, pear, parmesan salad with lemon dressing g/f $12.00

Cauliflower gratin $12.00



Panzanella Salad $23.00
baby leaves, spanish onion, olives, capers, basil torn toast, green beans,
white anchovies, peppers, citrus dressing and balsamic glaze

with grilled chicken $28.00
with smoked salmon $29.00

Roasted Beetroot Salad $26.00
walnuts, mint, roquette, chevre with a citrus dressing g/f

Poached Chicken Salad $26.00
celery, camembert, apple, walnut, swiss chard,
radicchio and parmesan aioli g/f

Halumi Freekeh Salad $26.00
caramelized pear, strawberry, dukkah, roquette and citrus dressing



cappuccino, flat white, latte, long black, double espresso, chai latte $4.20
mocha, hot chocolate, affogato, vienna, long macchiato $4.75
espresso, short macchiato $3.75 babycino $2.50 Prana Chai Soy Latte $5.25

soy milk $.50 almond milk $.50 extra shot $1.00
syrups: caramel, hazelnut, vanilla $1.00 mug $1.00

Loose Leaf Teas $4.75
english breakfast, earl grey, russian caravan, green,
jasmine, peppermint, chamomile, lemon grass, rooibos, chai

Shakes $6.50
chocolate, strawberry, banana, vanilla, caramel, spearmint, salted caramel,
chocolate & peanut butter

Smoothies $7.50 ice cream, soy or almond milk 50c extra
banana, mixed berry or mango banana

Iced Drinks $6.50
coffee, chocolate or mocha served with ice cream or cream or both

Luscombe Organic Sparkling Fruit drinks $7.50
elderflower, ginger beer, lemon, raspberry

Fresh Juices (250ml) $7.50
veggie boost – beetroot, carrot, orange and spirulina
pink passion – watermelon, strawberry and apple
zinger – carrot, orange, turmeric, lemon and apple
green machine – kale, banana and apple
single squeeze – your choice of either orange or apple 

Cold Drinks
san benedetto still water (1l) $10.00 san benedetto sparkling water (1l) $10.00
mount franklin water $4.00
coke, diet coke, coke zero, sprite $5.00
tomato juice $5.00 add tabasco/worcestershire sauce $1.00
lemon, lime and bitters $6.00
iced tea $5.00
lime and soda $5.50

Emma and Toms Life Juice $7.50
karmarama, green power, and radical action

Please ask to see the wine list


Desserts and Cheeses 

Vanilla and Poached Pear Rice Conde $14.00
rice pudding, anise candy, biscotti

Orange and Belgium Chocolate Pudding (ideal to share) $18.00
brioche, shot of Golden Tawny Port, crème brulee ice cream

Spiced Banana Empanada $14.00
sweet spice, almonds, chocolate ganache, burnt fig ice cream

Cheese Selection $12.00
served with nuts and fresh fruit, choice of 3 cheeses

Affogatto $14.00
with vanilla ice cream and amaretto liqueur

Liqueur Coffee $14.00
Add your choice of liqueur from our selection

Selection of Cakes
please see the fridge for our daily selection 


Winter Three Course Menu

Tasting Platter

Sicilian Olives, Venison Chorizo
Vino Rosso Cheese and Duck Liver Parfait with Lavosh Crackers

Main course
Crispy Skin Barramundi served with a Smoked Salmon Potato Croquette, Freshly Steamed
Asparagus, Kumara Puree and Lemon Oil.

300 gm Scotch Fillet served with Steamed Green Beans, Truffle Mashed Potato, Confit Cherry
Tomato, Jus - Served MR or WD only.

Sautéed Ricotta Gnocchi served with Trio of Roasted Capsicum, Chevre, Fresh Basil, Lemon Oil
and Vincotto.

Spiced Banana Empanada
Sweet Spice, Almonds, Chocolate Ganache, Burnt Fig Ice - Cream

Chef's Vanilla and Pear Rice Pudding with Biscotti.


Provolone: italian cheese with firm texture similar to mozzarella

Pecorino: hard salty cheese made from sheep’s milk

EVOO: extra virgin olive oil

Cilantro: coriander

Chevre: goats cheese

Harrissa: North African spice paste

Manchego: Spanish sheep’s milk cheese

Romesco: roasted capsicum sauce

Spaetzle: traditional german soft egg noodle

Freekeh: roasted green wheat

Vanilla Rice Conde: rice pudding

Vol-au-Vent: puff pastry case


Bread, Appetizers and Tapas

Peppered Cashew Nuts $7.00

House Olives $7.00

Bread, Oil and Dukkah $10.00
warm bread served with EVOO, balsamic reduction
and house made dukkah

Tomato Bruschetta $17.00
served on ciabatta with sundried tomato pesto,
danish feta, rocket and white anchovies

Seared Scallops $24.00
squid, proscuttio, peas, tomato broth and toast

Venison Carpaccio $23.00
horseradish cream, pecorino, leaves, crostini 

Pork Croquettes $16.00
manchego, corn, saffron with romesco sauce

Broccolini, Feta & Lime Fritter $14.00
with sumac yoghurt g/f

Tasting Plate $29.00
4 chef treats

Lemon Peppered Calamari $23.00
served with smoked paprika aioli

Duck Liver Parfait $18.00
with sherry orange marmalade glaze and toasted baguette


Pasta and Gnocchi

Beef Ragu Tagliatelli $32.00
tomato, red wine, smoked paprika and shaved parmesan

Ricotta Gnocchi $29.00
fire roasted capsicum, chevre, basil, lemon oil and vincotto

Crab Spaghettini $36.00
crab, rouille, cherry tomato, chilli, lime, coriander, and York lemon oil

Braised Venison, Mushroom, Gnocchi $36.00
shiraz liqueur and pecarino


Wood-Fired Oven Pizza

Garlic Pizza Bread $12.00

Bianca $14.00
garlic oil and mozzarella

Margherita $19.00
tomato, bocconcini, mozzarella and basil
add rocket and prosciutto $25.00

Wild Mushroom $25.00
provolone, thyme, and truffle oil

Italian $26.00
chorizo, spec, cacciatore, and feta

Marinara $29.00
squid, fish, prawns, capers, cherry tomato, red onion, mozzarella and basil

Puttanesca $26.00
white anchovies, chilli, red onion, cherry tomato, olives,
capers, basil and mozzarella

Braised Duck $26.00
oyster mushroom, mozzarella, almonds and honey

Smoked Pork Hock $26.00
sweet pickled red onions, mozzarella,
fennel potato, pear puree, parsley

Sicilian Sausage $26.00
spinach, red onion, green olive, béchamel, mozzarella

Salami $24.00
jalapeno, trio of fire roasted peppers, red onion and coriander

Braised Lamb $26.00
shaved butternut pumpkin, saffron, cauliflower, mozzarella,
pomegranate molasses yoghurt